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The world's most advanced solar powered traffic signals
International Solar Signal Inc.
A solar powered traffic camera captures up to five images of the intersection every minute and transmits them to the traffic control center by standard GPRS cell phone signal.
The traffic camera images are immediately viewable at the traffic control center on any computer with an internet connection or by police officers  at the intersection on their smart phone.
International Solar Signal has taken every step possible to create the world's most energy efficient system to reduce solar panel size while still meeting strict requirements for traffic signal illumination.  Our system is up to 50% more energy efficient than any other.
Our traffic signal control node uses only 1/2 Watt of power for its own operation, compared to more than 200 Watts for other systems.  This leaves more power to illuminate the signal lamps.  Our control node can operate 4 traffic signals, 2 pedestrian signals, 2 countdown timers and 1 traffic camera on each pole.
The signal lamp has been completely redesigned with a clear outer lens to maximize light output.  The LED board has been re-aimed towards traffic and each LED has been given a sharper focus.   The lamps are run strictly on DC.  There is no power loss from an AC to DC conversion.
The 5 Volt solar panel provides the maximum possible amperage while still exceeding the 4V system requirement.  This provides the greatest possible power under overcast conditions that would cripple other systems.  The solar panels are long and narrow, barely visible from ground level on top of the mast arm.

International Solar Signal uses a 4 Volt battery pack.  The circuit board runs at 3.5V, so there is virtually no power waste, as occurs with 12V systems during the DC-DC transformation.

Solar panels and batteries are mounted on top of the pole, just a few meters from the traffic signals, eliminating voltage drop that occurs with central solar panel/battery systems.